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Air purity testing

A1-cbiss AIRQUAL-1

The AIRQUAL-1 Breathing Air Quality Test Kit has been designed to fully comply with the EN12021 legislation for compressed breathing air testing. 

We offer accurate compressed air quality testing to the requirements of EN12021; ensuring compliance with the mandatory requirements of COSHH L5.

Why test?

The only way to check that your air supply is fit for breathing is by regular testing. The volume flow and the quality of the compressed breathing air supply should be tested at least every 3 months or whenever a mobile compressor is moved as the intake air is now being drawn in from a new location. 

Compressed air for breathing apparatus shall not contain any contaminants at a concentration which can cause toxic or harmful effects. In any event all contaminants shall be kept to as low a level as possible and shall be far below the national exposure limits detailed within EN12021:1999

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